New Technology for Stronger Plastic Gears - Gleason-K2 Plastics Eliminates Weld Lines with No Matching

August 1, 2012

Gear Technology Magazine

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As seen in August 2012 Gear Technology

With the acquisition of K2 Plastics, Gleason is now a source for strong, quiet thermoplastic gears containing no weld-lines, with a thru-hole and no secondary machining.

“Coupling Gleason’s arsenal of nonlinear contact FEA and advanced gear design software, with the latest engineered
thermoplastics, Gleason-K2 Plastics’ gears are a top choice for all demanding plastic gearing applications,” says Klaus Kremmin, general manager of the Gleason-K2 Plastics division of The Gleason Works.

Weld, meld or knit lines in a molded gear are where two or more material flow fronts meet. Weld lines create a weak point in the gear, where material strength can be just a fraction of the normal material strength, particularly in fiber- or glass filled resins. The result is that the typical 2–4 X safety factor isn’t sufficient for gears with weld lines.

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