Injection Molded Gears



Gleason Plastic Gears produces high-precision injection molded plastic gears including spur gears, parallel-axis helical gears, crossed-axis helical gears, internal gears, planetary gears, face gears, cycloidal gears, evoloid gears, segment gears, non-circular gears, and asymmetrical gears. These plastic gear components are used in numerous markets such as Business Machines, Digital Printing Equipment, Automotive Parts, Power & Air Tools, and Medical Equipment.

Plastic gearing provides reduced gear noise, increased gear efficiencies, and substantial costs savings over metal gears. 

With Gleason Plastic Gears you will get the highest quality tooling, experienced engineering, and optimized plastic gear design and consultation for rapid time-to-market production of your plastic gearing solutions.

The result, a high quality plastic component or product with a competitive cost per part made right here in the U.S.

With Gleason Plastic Gears no weld-line technology, you are guaranteed the most accurate plastic gear with the most economical price.

For quote or consultation on a specific plastic gear solution, please fill out our Injection Molded Plastic Gear Request Form.