Engineering and Design


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Gleason Plastic Gears provides comprehensive engineering consultation and collaboration from the initial conception of the plastic gear design through delivery of your solution. With our extensive experience in molding and precision plastic engineering, we can make informed modifications to your specifications that will optimize the final product. We can:

  • Assist with material selection
  • Optimize Plastic Gear Design using proprietary and commercially available software capabilities, we can develop and deliver an optimal gear design mesh solution that addresses plastic gear interference conditions. Our gear design proposals include center-line tolerance specifications that ensure proper operation for your unique requirements.
  • Drive prototyping
  • Decrease plastic molded component development time using a variety of tooling matrix solutions that leverage gear specific requirements, enabling us to quickly deliver spur and helical simple or compound gearsAccelerate time-to-market
  • Production support-we also offer custom fully dedicated injection mold design and fabrication to address production orders
To find out more about what Gleason Plastic Gears gear design and engineering team can do for your project, please fill out our information request form.