Gear Metrology

One of Gleason’s core competencies is its gear specific metrology.  With contact probe scanning technology able to certify gear surfaces within 5 microns (0.0002”), Gleason Plastic Gears can certify a multitude of critical gear related surfaces as follows.

Certification of Electrodes:  Prior to burning an electrode into a cavity, Gleason’s metrology equipment can certify the dimensional integrity of the electrode.  This process ensures that the intended final cavity geometry can be ascertained.

Certification of cavity surfaces:  Once a gear related cavity geometry is machined, Gleason’s metrology equipment can also verify the dimensional integrity of the cavity geometry.  This process further ensures that the molded product produced from the cavity meets the targeted gear geometry.

Certification of final parts:  Once molded parts are produced, Gleason’s metrology equipment can verify molded part conformance to specification.  Typical reports generated from this audit include First Article Inspection Reports (FAIR) and Production Part Approval Process (PPAP).

In process metrology: Gleason’s Metrology equipment also offers in-process metrology capability to continuously audit molded gears in a quick and efficient manner.  Single flank and double flank equipment in conjunction with custom manufactured master gears enables users to roll (mesh) a master gear against a molded plastic gear.  This methodology delivers gear specific metrology information such as Total Composite Error and Tooth to Tooth error.