Advanced Processing


Gleason Plastic Gears leads the industry in its processing capabilities. Some of the latest tools and techniques used by other elite gear molders were first developed by Gleason Plastic Gears processing engineers. Many of the 1,000 unique gears Gleason Plastic Gears has successfully designed and processed have been considered by our competition to be unmoldable. We have never turned down a job because of its difficulty.

Gleason Plastic Gears uses only those techniques that produce good plastic gears that stay that way even after years of use in the field. The engineering department of Gleason Plastic Gears molds its plastic gears with the least amount of residual stress while processing them dimensionally to print. Most other molders just focus on the dimensions. Without attention to the residual stress produced in molded gears, one can be assured the dimensions of these gears will change over time!

Software tools, like the quality radar chart below, give our processing engineers immediate answers to what others consider difficult processing questions.