Material Selection

With over 10 years of plastic gear molding experience, Gleason Plastic Gears has developed gears from over 350 different grades of resin. We use all the thermoplastic general purpose and engineering grades except for PVC. Many of the materials used have fillers like: carbon fiber, glass bead, glass milled fiber, long glass fiber, stainless steel, aramid fibers, PTFE, silicone, graphite, mineral and molybdenum disulfide.  From Polyurethane and Acetal to PPS and Aurum, Gleason Plastic Gears has matched the appropriate material to each demanding application for our customer's success.

In addition, we have developed custom resin compound materials to specifically address our customers unique and challenging gear applications such as:

  • High load, high temperature conditions
  • Noise reduction
  • Reduce wear
  • Ultra high precision
  • Minimal backlash