No Weld-Line Technology



One of the greatest advancements in plastic gears has been Gleason Plastic Gears no weld-line technology.

A weld-line is the interface in an injection molded gear where two flow fronts meet. These weld-lines usually occur between two gates (points where plastic is injected into the gear during manufacturing).

A weld-line is the weak link in a gear. The material strength at the weld-line may be 10-50% the strength outside the weld-line. This means you can not rely on material data sheets for strength calculations without factoring in the effect of weld-lines. You can also achieve 2-3 levels of accuracy higher without weld-lines.

A competitor's gear on the right has 6 pronounced weld-lines caused by six gates. Gleason Plastic Gears much improved gear made of the same material is on the left. See the difference for yourself.

Gleason Plastic Gears has unlocked the secret to molding plastic gears, pulleys and bushings without these dreaded weld-lines with no secondary machining. See how you can now buy stronger more accurate gears at a fraction of the cost of the competition.